July 15 2014 / 2:22 AM / Strong / Tuesday

I was too exhausted from yesterday’s field trip to type about my experiences so i will type them out tonight. 

  • So after i had written my last tumblr post i went to bed. I woke up to Jocelyn’s face calmly saying “guys it’s 9:26” and i knew the bus was supposed to leave at 10. Right when she said that Teddy literally rolled over me and started running around, getting ready. My senses snapped back and i took the quickest shower of my life and just everything was a mess. i didn’t have the right shoes so i had to borrow jocelyn’s 9 in sneakers and socks, carol’s sports bag, brittany’s bug spray, teddy’s ball cap and in less than 10 minutes, teddy and i were sprinting with pizza leftovers across the campus to the bus. The pizza sauce got everywhere so teddy gave the leftovers to some random asian kid and we hopped on the bus. Right when we came in, everyone was already there and quiet since it was still the morning but brittany and carol were so kind and saved a row of seats for us. As i was in the process of sitting down, unsurprisingly i hit my head on the roof of the TV thing above our seats and everyone laughed. Man, the ride there was extremely fun, I just get along with Ted really well.
  • When we got to hanging rock (it was around an hour drive) first thing first me and ted ran around and started to venture. Actually i was more of the follower and she was the leader since i wasn’t exactly in my element (i’m not the most athletic person, meaning i don’t have any stamina so you can assume how much i struggled). A bunch of girls from our hall stayed together like Mia, Jackie, Tea, Brittany, and Carol and we had some random people as well like daniel and ishmael. We ventured into a crevice/ secret area that was a bit off from the main path and we ate our lunches sitting on the giant rocks, while the wind breathed into us. When we came down, everyone else started following our trend and later i found out that if we had stayed a little bit longer we would’ve gotten in a lot of trouble. Anyways, after we ate our lunches, ted ran off into a secret path and daniel seperated as well, so then me and the strong dorm girls continued on the main path and took pictures. We proceeded until we finally got to the ‘hanging rock’ and holy shit let me tell you it took my fucking breath away. the weather was perfect. The sun wasn’t mercilessly beating down, instead there was a slight overcast. The wind howled and danced around the groups of students as they tried to keep their eyes open while taking photos. On the other hand, after a while i gave up on trying to take pretty pictures and instead started to just appreciate the view. I saw on the very ledge, inches away from falling off, and just stared at the beautiful scenery. It was exhilarating. I couldn’t remember the last time i had gone hiking in america. I normally go hiking in korea but this was a first in a long time. It’s so interesting to see the cultural differences. In korea the stairs are made of rocks and there are ropes to keep people from getting lost. In this hiking expedition, there were no ropes, but only wooden stairs. Anyways back to the story, after enjoying the cool temperature and trying to keep my cap on, i convinced a couple of people to come with me to the waterfalls.
  • Oh man the waterfalls. There were two, one was ‘hidden’ while the other was larger. Actually both were quiet small but it didn’t matter i still enjoyed both of them. When we got to the ‘hidden’ falls, automatically i started to strip into just my bikini and ran in. Why did i do that? well i already saw people there who were extremely conservative and i wanted to set an example for others to just enjoy the refreshing cold water entirely. After the others saw me and after a couple of shocked remarkrs, people started to join and stripped and started to play with the water. I slipped on the rocks a couple of times but it was super fun and tranquil. I sat down after a while and began to take everything in around me. The reflection of the water on the rocks. The soft texture of the moss between my toes. The rhythm of water splashing and falling. The nature around me. Everything. It was too beautiful.
  • After a while, i moved to the next waterfall which was bit more of a walk. When i arrived, a group was already there and playing with the water. i’m not sure why but instantly an image of fairies playing in ponds flashed across my mind. This waterfall was a bit different from the ‘hidden’ one. There was a giant, massive cave behind this water fall, and people were hanging out inside. the soil in the cave was cold but mushy and soft. Girls were intimidated that the water would wash their make up off. I got past the fear and slowly walked into the center of the waterfall. The cold water made contact with my face and surprisingly my eyes burned and had the taste of salt in my mouth. i didn’t mind though, it reminded me of the ocean. i encouraged the others to do the same and i got a few to join. it was like an outdoor shower, were there was just pleasure and laughter. The sun came through at this moment.
  • On our way back it was a struggle, oh lord but it was extremely comical. I focused on laughing and making fun of Jon and it took my mind off the walk. I was crying with laughter by the time we got back.
  • when we got on the bus back to the campus, ted sat next to me again. Apparently when she wandered off, daniel had followed her and later they met up with carol and had gone to the lake. While we exchanged stories, we ended up falling asleep on each others shoulders until we arrived on campus. When we got off, i was the first in the shower and when i tried to walk to dinner my body felt incredibly sore but fresh and exercised. i felt healthy.
  • Later after dinner, i walked about to my dorm to sleep but fortunately i got on tumblr first. that’s when i found out that there was supposed to be a ‘supermoon’. Without a doubt i knew i had to see it and i couldn’t afford to sleep so i got up, put some fresh clothes, and walked out with my giant camera in hand. I plugged in my earbuds and proceeded to walk to the amphitheater with the mindset that i’d ignore everyone around me and focus on watching the moon. Surprisingly, while i was on my way, ted snuck up behind me and gave me a pat on the head. At that moment, the world seemed to pause in my mind as if it was a game and there were three options i could chose: 1) invite ted to watch the super moon with me 2) tell ted to go look for the super moon and walk off 3) laugh and proceed to walk forward. i didn’t know which one so i originally picked 2 but then i couldn’t stop myself and after i told her about the super moon, immediately following my statement i invited her to come join. Ted being the awesome person she is gladly accepted it and enthusiastically joined me on my hunt to find a good place to gaze at the moon.
  • when we got to the amphitheater we ended up unsatisfied and wanting to explore other areas to moon watch. We ventured behind the giant roof and stumbled upon evan and hank hammicking, and unintentionally found ourselves in the hot gym where coincidentally jocelyn, claire, and some guys were playing basketball. Fortunately i had my camera with me so i was able to take some shots for the gsw slideshow (publications) and later i was able to sneak a peak at Max (this really super hot kid holy shit). After a while, me and ted were the last ones to leave and on our way to the dorm, we saw the super moon. The image spurred excitement and we quickly started to run around looking for areas once more for moonwatching. we finally came to settle for the stairs behind our dorm. it wasn’t the perfect spot, but it was the best we had. we sat on the stairs and i played my cowboy bebop playlist and we just sat there and gazed and the moon. Every now and then we talked but it wasn’t the normal useless empty small talk. No, i never really had those useless awkward small talks with ted, she just isn’t the type of person to have those with. Instead the feel words that were exchanged had a certain weight to them. I really like her. She’s a fascinating individual that i can have endless conversations with about life and perspectives. I can share with her ideas of reality, my books, music, talent, anything. It was such a strong moment. I know it’s going to be a special memory for me. Any memory with the moon is a special memory for me
  • afterwards jocelyn ted and i ate ramen and there was some tension between jocelyn and tea but it was some what sorted out today (kind of) 
  • i got jocelyn to make a kakao and ted as well. Shit imma try and get everyone on campus to make a kakao. 
  • that was all yesterday, today i woke up late but managed to squeeze breakfast in. In art, we started working on the mesh net and the wire installation. Afterwards i did laundry, passed out (which was unfortunate since jocelyn’s math presentation was today :(  ) and ordered cheese sticks. today was pretty uneventful and tiring but i think it was necessary since i was still physically exhausted from the hiking trip. my butt STILL hurts. Oh and area 3 was kind of boring as well since we were talking about white male priviledge. 

i’m having way too much fun here. After the hiking trip, arun called and i was really glad to hear his voice and that he went out of his way to call. It showed that he missed me and cared and i really appreciated that. but at the same time it was a solid reminder that in less than a couple of days, this would all come to an end. That this, my time in governor school west 2014, would be over. It’s a countdown and i hate it. i’m extremely comfortable with my lifestyle here. Going to optional interesting, educational seminars about life. Hanging out with everyone at the Babcock basement, playing pool (being a ‘hustler’) and super smash bros. Exploring and venturing to different corners of the campus. Eating shitty food at the rat fac or ordering pizza. Taking 5 minute showers. Doing laundry and forgetting about it 2 hours later. The people here. I don’t want to go back to living with my family, with rules, with temptations. i’ve been so good here. i’ve met some super awesome, interesting and intellectual individuals. Can i just bring the few people i love back at charlotte here?