July 11 2014 / strong / 2:11 AM / Friday

Shit, this week has gone by at the blink of a fucking eye. Today (or yesterday, july 10) was a fucking great day. It started off in the best way possible- i woke up on my own for the very first time. My roommate was fucking shocked. i guess it was because i had went to bed around 11 the other night but i don’t know it was pretty rad. Anyways heres what my day consisted of:

  • I actually ate breakfast for the second time in my entire stay at governor school. shit the breakfast food’s actually really good. i got to talk to evan and jon and it was really interesting. Evan’s a really happy go lucky character and i feel like he’s the type of person to ignore the harsh realities of the world. he’s always smile and games and it’s somewhat comforting but tense at the same time. Jon’s just jon, he’s like an old man it’s actually quite amusing
  • When i came into art today i was 150% energy and it was kind of really great except really bad because i couldn’t concentrate as well. Jesus this final art project. It’s going to be fucking great, we’ve already planned the measurements of the space we’ve been given. The trash is already being experimented with. I’m so excited for this to start. I’m working with some pretty fucking creative and intelligent people that i can trust. Sam was in charge of the loofa garden project last round and so i can definitely feel assured with him in charge of the wiring and i know iris and sonali are very good problem solvers since they worked with the animal heads project. Jennifer, well i haven’t seen her abilities yet so i’m just going to give her the benefit of the doubt. anyways i’m super stoked this is going to be awesome i’m going to be using trash to create a work of art with the concept of conflicting construction.
  • Area 2. fuck. fucking. fuck. pissed me off the entire class. i hate talking about racism but i’m pretty sure everyone hates talking about racism and that’s why we’re asked to talk about it. fuck. That stupid riot video made me so angry and so emotional that my narcolepsy kicked in and i passed out. but you know what’s really funny? In my dream, i was with my dad at a library. The librarian told us “the koreans are like the jews. we’re going to exterminate them.” i got so upset that i woke up. You know that feeling you get when you wake up all emotionally? That tight feeling in your chest where you feel like you can’t breath or just something is off. Yeah that’s what i woke up with. i was so angry that someone said that to me and my dad that i yelled when i came back to reality. my classmates were kind of surprised but hey what could i do. Later after the movie i asked my teacher if the people giving testimony to the riots in the movie ever mentioned that koreans were like the jews, she replied with a yes. it’s weird to think that the sound from the movie projected itself into my dream. man i hated that case.
  • while walking around and taping flyers around campus with sonali, i installed a giant leaf into my hair and surprisingly it stayed put for almost the entire day till 8 when we played Just Dance. I got at least 10 compliments from “Nice hat” to “Nice leaf” to “what the fuck jessica” to “it looks like a personal umbrella” to “i wanna take that shit off your head” to “what would you do if i ripped it up” to “you look like an anime character” to “you’re so cool!!!” to “i’m going to take that out” to “you look sexy” to “where’d you get a leaf that big?” to “that leaf has a really giant spine” to “leaf babe”. … .…it was interesting. I had placed in my hair because i felt like everyone on campus never noticed the giant leafed tree just chillin by the sidewalk so that’s why i put a leaf in my hair. also i thought it felt cool and served as a nice hat to protect myself from the hot, unforgiving sun. the looks i got were pretty interesting. i like projects. i like governor school because i’m sure no one would let me wear leaf hats attached to my hair in real school.
  • i talked to brittany today, and it was super interesting to have a heart to heart talk with a dancer. all forms of art are interesting.
  • today at 4 my art TAC had a seminar about how culture and art have transformed and influenced each other throughout humanity. I wanted to go but i also knew that people were planning to stand in front of the rat fac and wait at 4 to be the first ones to sign up for the hanging rock field trip (the sign up didn’t officially start till 5). I would’ve waited at 4 but i just HAD to go to the seminar so my roommate waited for me. Jocelyn’s so fucking awesome. Anyways, after i got out of the seminar, while walking to the rat fac i saw jocelyn screaming and waving her arms and i didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing. Slowly as the distance between us shortened i quickly caught on that it was a bad thing. Also, as i got closer and closer to the rat fac i saw the incredible crowd of people mushing to get to one small TAC that was in front of the rat fac. immediately jocelyn filled me in on how the TAC asked for people’s name tags and so she couldn’t get me on a the roster. I automatically switched to ninja mode. Quickly with my leaf bobbing in the crowd, my entire hall watched me manuever from the very back to the very front in less than 10 minutes (they timed me). I cried laughing because i was so serious to get on that roster, and later all the dorms had different exaggerations of my story. Teddy said that she waited for an hour and didn’t move a single bit while she watched my leaf bob around to the front. Man that’s fucking hilairious. later at lunch i screamed that to survive one had to be PASSIVE AGRESSIVE. you say “hello excuse me maam MOVE BITCH” it was quite the story
  • also yesterday after the wake forest university college visit trip (oh my god. completely energy waster. everyone is fucking pretentious as shit. i mean i guess you have to be to fucking pay $61,000 a fucking year godddamn.. like what) i dyed theodora’s hair purple and it was the funniest but most energy consuming shit in the world. oh dude this reminds me i never got to type yesterday’s post because i passed out. i went on an art field trip to the secca museum and it was really weird to see Claire Harvey’s work. i really liked the aerial view piece and the projection room. the air felt so fragile due to her minimized and maximized clear office supply works…it was weird dude.
  • after lunch, i went to the publications office and submitted my photos and me ming and some pretty doll face sat and talked about what pictures and video’s should be edited and incorporated to the final end of the school semester slide show. shit man, i am terrified of fucking leaving. i love home but i love gsw now too. fucking shit man. FUCKING SHIT.
  • before 8, me johnny boy, and justin played super smash bros. oh my god, if justin wasn’t taken by jade (he’s not officially taken but cmon i like jade so imma respect their thing) I WOULD TOTALLY GO FOR HIM. HE’s SUCH A CUTE BABE. anyways me and jonny went at it and we kept drawing a tie. i refuse to admit defeat. at 8, i took my leaf off and played just dance and i have never laughed so hard in my life. watching jonny dance so enthusiastically killed me. holy shit it was so funny i started crying because i couldn’t breath i probably sounded like a dying seal. anyways i left just dance after a while because i saw something i didn’t want to see and walked to the pool table and played.
  • later when i came back to the dorm at curfew, i had my usual shenanigans with theodora and jocelyn and i’m pretty sure i was extremely close to shitting my pants because i was laughing so hard. teddy and her goddamn snaps dear sweet baby jesus

i’m really learning to love the people here. like seeing justin with jade everyday. seeing sydney and her boo thang. seeing ming being weird awkward but cute ming. seeing ali and her booty everywhere. seeing adorable annoying lil brother shomo. seeing chicken noodle boob andrew. seeing sunny d walking around with the group of gals. interacting and dancing with faith, michelle, soomin. playing pool all the time with jared, dalton, andrew. meeting new people everyday. being friendly and familiar with the inseperable hank and evan.having jessica touch weird areas of my body. having jocelyn be like a mother and a nerd and a fucking great friend. theodora and her spontaneous ass. taylor and her boo jay. dabbing up wesmoney and bprice. hearing the chorus kids butch up les miserables.

i don’t want all of this to end in 12 days. i don’t. i don’t. i don’t want to believe that after 12 days, these people are going to go back home to all the corners of Charlotte, whether it’s in the rocky mountain area or Wilmington or Raleigh. fuck. tomorrow’s the masquerade party i should get my beauty sleep. i’m fucking happy and sad at the same goddamn time and this is why our final theme is conflict